Everyone knows that international shipping rates can be quite expensive. Depending upon parcel size, weight, and destination millions of dollars are spent each year on freight transit.

What is the key to great international shipping rates? More specifically, how can you acquire packages from the United States without having to pay an arm and leg? The answer resides with parcel forwarding services.

What is parcel forwarding?

Parcel forwarding companies were created to assist foreign shoppers, frequent travelers, or businesses receive items they purchased in the United States. The goal is to provide a central location in the United States to act as an intermediary for receiving mail and packages. Once received to a shipping warehouse, then they ship or fly your packages to your address for a fraction of the usual international shipping rates.

Anyone can apply for a verified legal street address that can be used to ship packages and mail to over 200 countries worldwide. Most parcel fo

rwarding companies use their physical warehouse’s storage address to share with international customers.

How are the parcels processed?

When the parcel forwarding company receives your package, it will automatically be stored in a safe environment and placed in queue for your next specified shipment date. If you are expecting multiple items, these can be repackaged into one large container to minimize any dim weight and reduce the overall shipping weight. This is what gives you the lowest international shipping rates.

How do you begin parcel forwarding?

You will be required to provide valid identification from your current country of residence. You may also be required to place your credit card on file with the parcel forwarding company since most of them do not receive cash or checks as a form of valid payment in the United States.

How often do shipments occur?

The dividing factor between companies who provide parcel forwarding services is usually determined by how often shipments will occur. You can usually purchase memberships based upon weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery options.

Weekly shipments usually require a membership that cost more per month, while monthly or one-time shipments usually cost less. Most companies are able to ship packages, mail, and even magazine subscriptions, however these added features may increase the rate of your forwarding services and increase your overall “international shipping rates”.

Most shipping errors can be avoided.

Now that you’re getting the lowest rates, your parcel forwarding system should flow with ease. However, there is one major error that can cause big problems.

Once your United States address has been established, it is very important that you always enter the shipping address exactly as it was issued – including all dashes and numbers.

In addition, whenever you make an international purchase through a parcel forwarding company, be sure to save a copy of your receipt and order tracking number. That way, if any packages become lost in the United States mail, you will have a way to track your items and retrieve them without a hassle.

Even though these may seem like small principles to remember, it’s usually the simple matters that get overlooked and cause the biggest challenges.

If you follow these guidelines, your parcel forwarding experience should be seamless, and you should receive the lowest international shipping rates ever.

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