Foreign Shopper has been the best forwarding company we have used to date! A very big thank you to Ms Ann Lou who has always responded to our emails and paticularly sure that we get our packages on time - as we are almost always in a hurry. We would reccommend Foreign Shopper to any customer who appreciates promptness and cost savings.

Angeline L

This time I have received the packet here in India in only 5 days. Thanks a lot for the fantastic service.

Bhuvnesh Bharara

Received my parcel today dt 30/9/13 in perfect condition , Thanks a lot, FS, is really awsome, I really need not worry about my shopping anymore, Thanks once again, its been a lovely experience with u people,

Have a nice day.


Hi, I received my shipment today. I am extremely happy with all the products and the fact that they were in excellent condition. I would to love to shop more using your service. Hats off to your prompt replies on every query that i posted 🙂 Thanks a lot for a hassle free shopping experience 🙂

Shweta Panwar Gurgaon, India

Hi I'm Priyanka Shergill from Mumbai India. I've been using foreign shoppers since nearly an year now and am so happy with it. I've always been an Internet shopper but could not shop from so many places as they don't deliver it to India and would lose out on alot of products, but since I've joined this it's been amazing... Now I can buy anything and it reaches the address they have provided me with and then in no time it's delivered to me here in India. Their shipping rates are also fantastic, it's way cheaper than than the usual charges.... Another thing I like about foreign shoppers is the personal shopper request they have... It's amazing for people like us as a lot of sites do not accept international credit cards and then we get in a fix so with this personal shoppers request they buy it for us and as usual get it delivered to us here...it's totally fantastic..... I love foreign shoppers.... It made my life and my wants for things so easy... As I can buy what ever I want now... With out any problems....
Thank you foreign shoppers

Priyanka Shergill Mumbai, India

Dear Foreignshoper.com,

I just wanted to write and say how delighted I was with the prompt and safe delivery of my Epson projector and cable. It is the first time I have used your service and was a bit nervous at first, since I have been ripped off on the internet before, but your administration was reassuring, polite and helpful and the New York address, which you assigned to me worked absolutely perfectly. Having taken delivery of the package (weighing 50lbs), it was then whisked over to the my home in the UK within 48 hours. Excellent service, which I will use again at some stage, I'm sure.

Many thanks

Nick Davey Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

why do you need an approval to put my experince

Adarsh Diwaker India

Extremely excellent services with excellent communication.
Highly recommended for such marvelous service by Foreignshopper.

Abd Rahman Madon Malaysia

Trusted Service and Fast delivery

Thanks For ForeignShooper. ^_^

Elisa Indonesia