Ship To India From The US With Foreign Shopper!

While our main goal here at Foreign Shoppper is to make it easier to purchase American products from overseas in Australia, we're also proud of our shipping services. We offer a few different services that make the process of overseas shipping to Australia from the USA much simpler and much less expensive. From our package forwarding to our consolidation to our always discounted rates, your shipping experience with Foreign Shopper is sure to be a good one.

Package Forwarding

The heart of our great shipping process lies in our system of package forwarding to Australia. In a world where most American retailers don't even offer overseas shipping, or grossly overcharge for it, it's simply difficult to have packages shipped from the USA to Australia. But Foreign Shopper has accounts with overseas shippers and a system set in place that eliminates all of the hassle. You simply have the package sent to an American address that we give you and we will forward it on to your Australian address.


The great thing about this package forwarding system is that it works whether you're shipping one package or twenty. We can consolidate all of your shipping orders into one, no matter how many packages you need to ship from the US to Australia. This consolidation eliminates the hassle and extra expenses of shipping multiple packages separately.

Cheapest Way to Ship to Australia

Because of the great system we have in place and because we can consolidate as many orders as you need, you are going to see immense savings by shipping to Australia with Foreign Shopper. You can save around 50% by going with our services over shipping directly from American sellers.