Personal Shopper

We can be your very own personal shopper if you face any difficulties in purchasing from US retailers. This is a special service that is provided in addition to our well known consolidation and package forwarding services. Many customers face challenges in shopping only because they do not belong to the United States. ForeignShopper steps into their shoes for a while and does all the purchasing on their behalf. If you are a person who is unable to use products made in the USA because of any of the reasons mentioned below, or for any other reason; just sign up with us for our personl shopper service and before you know it; the products will reach your doorstep. Here is how it works.

Difficulties faced by International customers:

  • Some stores may not accept international credit cards
  • Some retailers have a limited shipping policy wherein they will only dispatch goods to a US mail address.
  • There are plenty of fraudulent companies which international customers may not be aware of is proud to state that we are personal shoppers to many people living in over 223 countries!

How Can Personal Shopper Help?

  • We will pay the retailers on your behalf with our own credit cards if they did not accept yours
  • We facilitate in making all geographical and political boundaries vanish in spite of the difficulties due to shipping policies of several US retailers

More about Personal Shopper

All experienced online shoppers know how frustrating it can be to browse a site and have their heart set on a product only to find that the retailer will not ship to their home country. It is also true that there are some of the most beautiful, useful and high quality products that are only available if you buy online in USA. Then there are so many situations where even if you are happy that they are shipping to your country; you suddenly find out while making payment that they will not accept yourcredit card! There are hundreds of online retailers who do not accept credit cards issued by non-US banks.

Perhaps the most irritating part is that you waste time browsing and selecting products and then you are informed about their limited payment policies.

Do not let all this stop you from getting your hands on some of the world’s best products. Signup with us and use our personal shopper service whenever in trouble and we will be happy to do all the US online shopping for you!

How it works

  • Just register with us giving your full details such as name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Once you are a member, you can give us a description of the items and their source. We will then send you an invoice with the purchase value plus a charge for being your very own personal shopper.
  • You can then wire us the money and we will dispatch the merchandise to you. There are no other hidden costs or ambiguities in this service.

You can trust us to charge you the most competitive shipping prices in the industry and give you the best personal shopper service.