Ship To India From The US With Foreign Shopper!

Our main purpose here at Foreign Shopper is to make it a simpler process to buy American products from overseas in places like India. A large part of this process is shipping. The shipping system that we have in place makes it extremely easy and inexpensive to ship to India from the US. Our discounted shipping, package forwarding and consolidation services will make your experience in buying American products a satisfactory one.

Package Forwarding

In this day and age, most American sellers don’t even have the option for overseas shipping. Either that or they charge unreasonably high rates if they do offer it. It’s just not easy to ship from the US to India. But that’s not the case with Foreign Shopper’s package forwarding system. We’ll set you up with an American address where your packages will be sent, then we easily forward them to your Indian address using our great overseas shipping system.


But this package forwarding system is not only for those who want to order one or two packages at a time; you can get all your shopping done in one simple shipment with our consolidated shipping. Whether you are shipping one package to India or twenty, we will consolidate it all so that you can save money and cut down on the hassle of multiple overseas shipments.

Cheapest Way to Ship to India

When it comes down to it, Foreign Shopper is easily the cheapest way to ship to India from the USA. We have overseas shipping accounts, a full system set in place and consolidation services that can help you cut your shipping costs by over 50%. If you need shipping from the US to India, there is no better way to go.