For most of us who can’t wait to shop online from US stores, this comes across as a big boon. For these services more than make up for the lack of a US mailing address to receive all our shopping merchandise. Consolidating all your online purchases simply means that you gather up and accumulate your packages somewhere in the US first before they are shipped internationally. A simple and straight way to save money on various international shipping rates for each of your purchases.

Another major advantage of using package consolidation services is that you do not have to bother about shipping charges. For most of the time US online stores offer free shipping t o destinations within the country.

Overall, how do you go about consolidating packages when you shop from US? Read on.

  • Ensure that you employ a reputed consolidation service from well-known cargo forwarders, even if they charge a small fee per package you can be rest assured on safe delivery of your merchandise.
  •  Learn about the terms and conditions of prohibited goods clearly, there are some services that will not open the package that arrives from the retailer.  Ensure that your package is wrapped carefully or ask your service provider to make best use of the space available.
  • Check on rates clearly on sea/air cargo. If the parcel needs to reach you in a hurry only opt for the sea route.
  • Ask for consolidating your packages by asking for smaller items to be accommodated in the bigger box, that way you can continue to make space and put everything in a huge box and ask for it to be shipped.
  • Sometimes, you might want to keep the original shipping boxes for some reason, you may ask to   consolidate packages with the original shipping boxes inside a large box. Bear in mind that does reduce multiple packages to a single international shipment but international shipping cost may a lot higher.
  • Repackaging your boxes to avoid excessive import duties is also a good idea. This particularly pertains to the scenario of designer goods such as handbags, shoes, and clothing with well known designer logos, revealing the fact that these are valuable items and attract a high import duty. In such cases, such packages may be requested for re-packaging and then shipped. The invoice that will be handed in will anyways mention the value of the commodity clearly.
  • Smart package consolidation indeed saves a lot of cost and you can go about shopping online without worrying about shipping and handling charges. Frequent use of a package consolidation and shipping service also attracts membership and loyalty over time. Shopping online over time indeed increases your savings.

If you are a first time shopper on US online sites, carry out all the research use all the advice possible before you set out on your expedition. Choose a good package consolidation service provider and look for every avenue to save shipping costs.


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