There has been gradual growth of shopping online especially over the past five years; today it is the most convenient and affordable means to buy. With each passing year the variety of products that being sold online have also expanded.

Are you looking to buy pet supplies, they are available at your very own Sitting in India and looking to buy from leading US online stores? That is not too farfetched either. All you have to be ready for is to pay standard international shipping rates, or simply scout for a friend living in US with a valid mailing address. Buy your stuff and get her or him to ship it to India Australia UK Canada or wherever you live. Ecommerce has shrunk the average shopper’s world and literally brought it to his doorsteps.

Have you ever wondered why ecommerce is now so popular?

ü  Once a upon time orkut and later on Face book twitter etc helped a lot of people merely connect. The reach it offered was so powerful that it has effectively become a channel to market just about anything.  You may have noticed the ads that are displayed on the right hand corner of the webpage, most likely the right of products you have looked for on a shopping website seconds ago.  Social media websites also help us discover new products, reviews and help spread awareness overall thus greatly enhancing product exposure to users.

ü  Even if you do not reside locally, most websites offer global transportation of merchandise. Personal shopper services are a step ahead favoring consumers who do not have a US mailing address or a globally valid credit/debit card.

ü  Websites do not “turn you down”, in the case of unavailability of a particular product with a particular retailer, it is procured from elsewhere and can be shipped worldwide. Can you imagine that with a physical store?

ü  With a greater number of users shifting to smart phones and tablets to stay “connected” all the time, ecommerce follows you there too. Almost all e-retailers have introduced their mobile app that comes and conveniently sits on your phone. These apps keep you informed about the deals going and the ones around the corner, remind you to pay up for the items in the shopping cart etc.

ü  Look around you; make that trip to a local shopping mall to just understand how much of a hassle it is now to physically step into a store to shop. Crowd and parking lots especially on a weekend can turn you away from a shopping expedition.

ü  Ecommerce websites today have developed high end websites that help in better display of products to you. You can virtually try on, measure choose colors and view detailing with more clarity.


It can be recalled that just when early retailers established themselves online, it was assumed that ecommerce would be restricted to just purchase of books or electronics. Apparel and accessories crept

In and today grocery and lingerie are also comfortably bought online. What was dismissed as a no threat in the beginning phase is touted take over the world of consumers today.

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