International ParcelForwarding international parcel doesn’t have to be complicated. The solution: an “international parcel” forwarding service. With this, you reap the benefits of a US address without incurring relocation expenses associated with citizenship, paperwork, or licensure.

How do you start forward international parcel?

Package forwarding companies help foreign shoppers ship their international parcel purchased in the US. By using their physical warehouse address, they provide a central location in the United States for receiving mail and packages.

Once your address is established, they ship the international parcel by water or air to your international address. This saves you lots of money because they operate efficiently for a fraction of the normal shipping cost.

How are international parcels processed?

When the parcel forwarding company receives your package, it will automatically be stored in a safe environment and placed in queue for your next predetermined shipment date.

If multiple packages are being forwarded, they may need to be repackaged to reduce dim weight and minimize the shipping weight.

What starts the process?

Anyone can apply. You will want a verified legal US street address for shipping international parcel, packages, and mail to over 200 countries worldwide. You will be required to provide valid identification from your current residence.

You may also be required to place a credit card on file since most US forwarding companies do not receive cash or checks as a form of valid payment.

How often is international parcel delivered?

This is completely negotiable. You can usually select a membership option that offers bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly delivery options.

Be advised: Weekly shipments usually require a membership with a higher monthly charge; whereas one-time or monthly shipments usually tend to cost less.

Most companies are able to ship packages, mail, and even magazine subscriptions, however these added features might increase your monthly subscription rate.

How to avoid shipping problems.

To avoid shipping problems with your international parcel, you must enter the U.S. shipping address exactly as it was issued.

If the shipping address includes directional prefixes such as W for west, it cannot be omitted. The address may also include a specific suite or box with dashes and numbers, such as BJ-505A. This cannot be omitted, either.

Every US address includes a standard 5-digit zip code. If you are issued an additional four digits on the end of the zip code, you should add these as well to further help you avoid any possible shipping problems.

Although these may seem like minute details, they must be honored. Often times, it’s the small things that get overlooked and end up causing the biggest frustrations.

If you follow these guidelines, your “international parcel” should be accurately forwarded, and arrive to your international doorstep in mint condition.

One additional precaution: Save a copy of everything. From the beginning to the end of your online purchase, be sure to save a copy of your receipt and order tracking number. That way, if anything gets lost in the US mail, you will have the means to track your items and retrieve them without any hesitation.

Now you’re ready to start forwarding your “international parcel.”

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