Shipment prices are variable for shipment of products to overseas locations. Almost all the online shopping websites do not let buyers from other countries buy stuff from these websites. There are certain restrictions on these websites that force them to not allow them to use the services of the US shopping websites. There are thousands of online shopping websites in US which cater to all kinds of customers. The range of products that is sold in these e-stores is vast. From groceries to electronics and electrical appliances to books, everything is now available in the online stores. However, there are certain commodities that are not available in some countries and if they wish to buy them from US, they are not allowed to. Either the credit card or the debit card will not be accepted by the website or it will not ship to the overseas location. However to make it possible, there are certain websites that forwards these shipments from the online shopping portals to the overseas buyers. The shipment prices for different commodities are different.

  • The shipment forwarding service providers usually receive the merchandise on the behalf of the consumer and then re-ship them to the consumer.
  • They levy certain charges from the consumer, but deliver them the products from shopping websites of USA in a few days and in undamaged condition.

Popular e-commerce website in the USA which is equally popular elsewhere

There is no dearth of online shopping sites in the USA and in fact, there are thousands of them. However, if we talk about a website that is not only an online shopping portal, but a complete marketplace where you can not only buy, but also sell your goods, eBay can be easily guessed. There are many manufacturers and suppliers who post their products on the website and sells them to the interested user. The payment processing and control is exercised by eBay itself.

  • You can find all sorts of commodities on including apparels, electronic gadget, electrical appliances and much more.
  • E-bay does not sell commodities directly and encourages suppliers to feature their product on the website so that it is visible to millions of users who use E-bay.
  • You can even buy pre-owned cars on eBay at attractive prices.
  • For women, there are home décor items, furniture, kitchen items and artifacts which they can buy to decorate their house.
  • The website also deals in mobile phones, tablets and other related accessories.

However, eBay too do not let buyers from a country other that US purchase any merchandise. is the website that can let you shop from eBay USA. It works by becoming its member and the website provides you with an address that is the address of its warehouse. You can mention this address while you shop. Your product upon reaching the warehouse, is identified and prepared for forwarding. The product is then sent to you on your overseas address. The service is inexpensive and becoming member of the website will also entitle you for concessions.

Package Forwarding Service

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