There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect dress, or the ultimate gadget online and then discovering that you cannot buy. Many eCommerce websites impose restrictions that force you to use an address that is within the US. Often you will find that your credit card is not being accepted if it is from a bank that is located in another country. All these problems and more can be resolved if you use a personal shopping service to take care of your e-purchase needs.

What is a personal shopper?

When you let someone else shop on your behalf, they are called your personal shopper. Foreignshopper is one such service and lets you benefit in many different ways. Is your credit card not being accepted outside your country? No problem, simply use their payment system, and pay for them using their internationally accepted credit card systems. Not sure if a business is reliable? Let their local experts tell you how trustworthy a business is. Are you being asked to provide a local address, without which you cannot shop for anything? You will be provided with an address in the same state as the business, and at times even in the same city, so that you can easily buy anything you want, without worrying about paying endless shipping fees.

All of this and more is possible when you get yourself a personal shopper. Not sure where to start looking for such a service? Just register with ForeignShopper and you can avail all these features and more!

What else can a personal shopping service offer you?

If you sign up for the services of a company like ForeignShopper, there is no limit to what all benefits that you can avail of. Not only do a wide range of payment options become open for you, including direct bank deposits, you also get to benefit from amazing discounts at every step of the shopping experience. Not only do you get to take advantage of free shipping offers whenever they are offered within the US, you also get to avail a whole range of special discounts that US companies offer to bring in new customers. From Black Friday deals to GOSF bonanza, there is no dearth of discounts being offered by online shipping services in the US. And now you can benefit from all of them. Never again will you use a discount code or coupon only to discover that it is applicable for shipping within the US only.

Shop safer with a personal shopper

There is no dearth of businesses that are just out to scam anyone they can. As someone who is living in a different country, you may miss an obvious scam, which any regular shopper living in the US would be able to spot. Your personal shopper will also help you stay away from scams and potentially fraudulent businesses, helping you preserve your hard earned money.

All these benefits and more are reason enough to register with ForeignShopper. Sign up today, and shop just like you were living in the US!

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