Diamondback bikes are one of the most frequently  bikes these days.It has different sorts of bikes which have various sets of equipment for different riding kinds.

Diamondback bikes  has large wheels to decrease the obstacles . Bigger wheel so smaller obstacle.

When it comes to shock absorption the Sun tour 100mm/4” travel fork found on the Overdrive will give you enough compression for getting over roots, rocks, and pesky potholes in comfort.

Diamondback 2013 Overdrive 29'er Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

29″wheels are less  chances of  falling in soft material such as sand and mud due to the larger contact patch causing lower ground pressure. The longer contact patch increases cornering and straight line traction.

The relative position of the bottom bracket/cranks to the axles in the wheels also means that your relative center of gravity is lower. This results in a feeling of riding “in” the bike rather than on top of it.

The butting process lets the thickness of the frame tubes be varied; putting more material at stress points for added strength, and less material at non-stress points for weight savings.

The final result is a sturdy frame that weighs less than steel and many other aluminum frames on the market. Less weight means it takes less energy to move the bike.

Suspension forks compresses over bumps to help absorb shock meaning less jarring and body stress to the rider and resulting in less arm fatigue while riding.

Mechanical disc brakes have better stopping power than rim brakes in a wide range of conditions, especially the wet and mud.

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