A physical USA address is essential if you like to shop through USA websites. There was a time when people rely on friends or relatives who lived in the Unites States to make use of a US address.

You can shop any USA website and pay reduced or discounted shipping charges on your orders. But Foreign Shopper offers more than just that benefit.

USA Address

Here are few features that can help you save both time and money.

Having an account with a mail forwarding service with Foreign Shopper is much easier now. Just by completing a simple web form will help you to automatically be assigned a unique US address.

Having an account with foreign shopper benefits you with not just having US address, it provides you with the services like Package Forwarding, Mail Forwarding, Consolidation and Discounted International Shipping Rates.

Personal Shopper Services

At Foreign Shopper, also provides you with the Personal Shopper Services to international customers who would like to purchase US goods.Sometimes having a USA address isn’t enough.

Some web stores will only accept USA checks and credit cards.

You can own USA credit card that you may only ever use once or twice, Foreign shopper also provides you with Personal Shopper Services by placing the order for you using our USA credit card and then forward the order to you from your USA address with which you may also get the benefit of eliminating international shipping restrictions that exist with many retailers and also eliminating frauds.

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