Mail Forwarding

Foreignshopper also offers Mail forwarding service. Although the world is doing its best to move towards a paperless office; it seems as if it will take some time. There are millions of physical mails being sent all across the world. People are constantly on the move and when you change your home to another city or country; it might take some time to have your change of address known to all concerned. You may also wish to have mail sent to a US address rather than that to your home country. We will provide you with a real American address and receive the mail on your behalf. Thereafter, we shall forward it to your current location.

We also provide our clients the option of combining package forwarding and mail forwarding services to enjoy greater savings. You can trust us to handle not only your merchandise, but also your mails with the extreme care and safety. We take our mail forwarding services very seriously since we are aware of the importance the documents delivered to a US mailbox have for you.

We have been offering mail forwarding services to numerous clients who receive various important and confidential documents such as bank letters, US catalogs, magazine subscriptions, bank statements and others that need to be sent to their new or real address on time.

Who Needs Mail Forwarding services?

This is an ideal option for those:

  • Who does have a change of address within the country or may have moved out of the country. We can easily forward all types of mails to any part of the world
  • Who want to safeguard their IDs from being stolen and used by someone else till they are assured of the implementation of their change of address in all appropriate places
  • A globe-trotting businessperson who wants to display a US address to their client.
  • Who have an online business, but no physical office address

A number of people living in the same house or working from the same office can register the names, date of births for easy identification and redirection of the mail.

Why Choose Us?

  • We will give you a real street address and not a post box number
  • We are one of the largest forwarding service providers
  • We are also one of the most affordable services
  • We can give you assurance of the safe delivery of all types of mail

Benefits of Our mail forwarding services

  • Never miss out on any mail even if you have changed your address to that of the remote location on earth!
  • Sort out business mails from personal mails. You can have all your business mails sent to the address provided by us so that you do not end up paying for junk mail!
  • A US mail address gives a business more leverage when compared to some their addresses. A lot of shoppers think highly of businesses who display their office address as that belonging to US. Thus, if you are running an online business, you can have your client send you mails at the US address and then we can forward to your current location.