Discounted International Shipping Rates inspires passion in many online shoppers through its commitment in making products made in the USA accessible to anyone who wants to buy them from any part of the world. There are so many retailers in the United States who do not ship to foreign countries. There are also a few who do ship, but at exorbitant rates. These rates deter many who want to buy online in USA. However, when you shop through, you enjoy some of the most amazing discounted international shipping prices.

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How We are Able to Give Discounted International Shipping Rates

There are many reasons for our rates to be the most affordable. One is that we have no hidden costs or ambiguities in our package forwarding service. We have a very transparent procedure in which you become a life member after paying a small fee. There are different types of membership based on which your rates and offers will vary, but we can assure you that it will be the most competitive in all categories. There are several other reasons too:

  • We make only a quality international parcel service or courier company our partner who can give us the best rates due to the large quantities of merchandise we send through them. In turn, we pass on the saving to you so that we can build a long and lasting relationship.
  • We also offer consolidation services whereby you can make purchases from multiple retailers and then have it sent to our US mail address instead of incurring separate shipping costs. We will then consolidate your products and send in a single package. This reduces your shipping prices considerably.
  • Our rates are based on the type of membership you hold. Hence,if you are a frequent online shopper that purchases products from US retailers; you would want to opt for our premium membership.
  • You can also use our calculator to find out the cost difference that will arise with the size of packaging or with weight and then you can accordingly instruct us for the repackaging under our consolidation service to give you the best shipping rate.
  • Enjoy total control of shipping schedule. We will only ship as per your instructions. If you are a premium or a business member then you are eligible for free storage of your products with us for as long as four weeks. If you have taken basic membership then you can keep your merchandise with us for one week.

You can avail of all the numerous offers and promotional scheme that are offered to only US mail address which we will provide you when you become a member. This means that your overall shopping costs come down automatically.