Consolidation’s consolidation service will allow you to make some really cool savings. Now, while our package forwarding service allows you to purchase and receive products from retailers in the United States; imagine the shipping cost of each merchandise being sent separately. You will end up paying outrageous amount of shipping bills! Our consolidation service will save you a significant amount of money on shipping prices and yet allow you to purchase from multiple retailers. This further reduces your cost of our already inexpensive services.

How Does Consolidation Work?

The whole process is quite simple. We will receive your merchandise from different retailers on your behalf. Once all your orders have been received; we will repack them into a single parcel. Then, we will dispatch it to your home or office address as given by you at the time of registration with us.

For example, if you have shopped from different online sites such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, best buy or even if you buy magazines online and your shipment weight is say 5 pounds each; then you will incur a minimum cost on each. International package shipping usually have some extra charges for the first few units of weight.

However, when we ship all together for you using one airway bill; there is only one extra charge instead of 4 different ones. You can now understand how it makes more sense to consolidate while doing USA online shopping.

Why opt for consolidation?

  • It is the simplest way to buy online in USA and then ship many products at the same time
  • You get all your orders at the same time, so you need not have someone waiting at home or office on several occasions to receive them
  • When we repackage it in our own way, we can reduce the size and weight of the parcel considerably without putting the items at risk of any damage.
  • Moreover, it is easier to keep track of one parcel in place of several!
  • One goes through the least hassle since only a single parcel needs to be picked up from customs
  • You do not have to deal with the frustrating task of discarding multiple packaging once the products reach you.

Who should avail of our consolidation service?

  • This is an ideal choice for all online shoppers who have purchased from different vendors and want to save some money on shipping costs.
  • It is especially ideal for people on the move who do not have to stay in one place waiting for the arrival of several different orders even if they do not mind paying multiple shipping charges.
  • All those living outside the United States for whom international shipping prices can make a huge hole in the pocket.

How We Can Provide Such InexpensiveServices?

Are you wondering how our shipping charges are so low and whether we are the right people to deliver your precious merchandise? The answer is very simple. We are able to get a competitive price from our courier or international parcel service partners because we ship large quantities. All that we do is pass on our savings to you!