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Is my US address a legitimate US Shipping address? provides all our members with a real US street address, and unique suite # for their purchases in the US. The suite # is also your Client ID #.

Here is an example:
John Deo
145-69 226 Street
Suite [FS101]
Springfield Gardens, NY-11413

All US retailers will be able to deliver to your above address. In the above example, FS101 is John Doe’s Client Id

Will you accept shipments sent to me by online merchants and individuals?

Yes, we will accept any shipments to you from any US online merchants and individuals. Please do not forget to mention all parts of the address including the suite [FS101]

What couriers do you use to ship my merchandise & packages?

We use DHL as our main courier. Normal delivery time is between 3-5 business days. also partners with FedEx and others, as needed.

How often do you send me my merchandise and documents? gives our Platinum, and Business members complete flexibility with their shipment schedule. Shipping preferences can be chosen at the time of membership sign up process.

Here are the shipping options with a Platinum & Business membership

Hold: Hold until further notification

Weekly: Specify day of the week (Monday thru Friday)

Biweekly: Ship every other week. Specify (Monday thru Friday)

Monthly: Ship once a month. (Monday thru Friday)

Shipping preferences can be changed online at any time.

I want to order several items from different merchants, and I want them all sent together. Can you repackage these items into one box?

Yes, we can consolidate all your packages into one shipment by repackaging. Depending on your membership level, repackaging service charges will apply. Click here for details.

Can I send gifts to my family and friends in other countries?

Yes. We can send your packages to anywhere in the world. Shipping charges may vary based on the destination country. Click here to see what is available with your plan.

What is your privacy and confidentiality policy?

We have a very strict confidentiality and privacy policy. Member’s confidential information and privacy are very important to us. It is our policy to safe guard our member’s information and privacy. For further details, please click here

What does it cost to obtain a membership?

Please refer to your current membership options with

How do I pay the shipping charges?

We accept credit cards < Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Diner’s club>. We charge your credit card on file with as your merchandise is shipped.

Any changes to your payment methods must be made prior to your next shipment.

Your yearly membership fee is automatically charged to your credit card on your renewal date. Please contact us for any changes to your yearly membership fee in advance.

Where do I send payment by Check or Money Order?

We DO NOT accept checks for payment. Our current method of payment acceptance is only through Credit Card

How I do order from U.S. companies that do not accept international Credit Cards?

Once you receive your address, contact your credit card company and add your address as your secondary address. Now that you set up your address, you will be able to make purchases from US retailers, since your records match that of the Credit Card Companies.

All credit card companies should allow you to add a secondary address.

As a member, you can also enjoy the convenience of our Personal Shopper service to purchase from U.S. retailers. With our Personal Shopper, you have the convenience of allowing us to pay for your merchandise and we then charge your credit card for the purchase you made through Personal Shoppers.

Get more information on our Personal Shopper Service

How does Personal shopper work?

Once you’ve become a member, you’d key in the details of your purchase requirements. Our specialist will take that information and purchase the goods, as per your requirements.

Do the shipping rates include customs fees, tariffs, or taxes?

The published shipping rates includes receiving your packages and delivering internationally from our warehouse to your address. There may be additional import fees or duties depending on the purchases you made in the US and being shipped into your country. These fees vary from country to country and they are not covered by Please contact your local customs office for more information on duties or import fees.

Can I buy items from retailers that are not listed on your shopping page?

Yes! You can buy from any US retailers or individuals not listed on our Shopping page.

I want to buy merchandise on eBay but many of the sellers won't accept credit cards. Can you send them a check or money order for me?

Yes, you can use our Personal Shopper services. Click here for more details.

How does my online account work?

Your is a 24/7 online account. You can access any time.

Your online account gives you the complete status of your merchandise and shipments received in our warehouse

Your online account gives you complete status of your merchandise prepared and delivered to your address

Your online account gives you the flexibility of consolidating and scheduling the delivery dates

In addition you will also receive an e-mail notification of the same.

Can I obtain a account for my Business or company?

Yes! For Business plan accounts, an officer of the company must sign the USPS Form 1583.

Also, a photocopy of picture ID for that person must accompany the form.

Do you offer addresses in other states?

Not at this time. Our warehouse is located in New York

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How can I ensure I get all package notifications?

Add us to your Safe Sender list with your email provider. (SPAM) sends email alerts about your packages received at our warehouse, consolidation, delivery notifications and other important alerts if any.

How do I change my membership type?

To Upgrade or Downgrade membership plan, please do the following:

Sign in to "My Account", click here to view 'My Account'. Follow the page instructions.

How can I receive my online purchases at my address using services?

The step by step procedure is explained here

Do I need to submit USPS Form 1583?

The USPS Form 1583 is required for all customers that are on our mail forwarding services and receive USPS mail.

Where can I find USPS Form 1583?

Download this form in PDF format here: form-1583.pdf

How do I complete this form?

Click here for a sample form

Where do I send it?

Upon completion of this form, mail it to us with a copy of your photo identification to

BY Mail
Attention: Form 1583
145-69 226 Street
Springfield Gardens, NY-11413

BY Email:

By Fax: +1 516-303-0076

Acceptable Forms of Identification:

A photocopy of your driver's license or any Government Identification


Is a "Signature of Agent/Notary Public" required on form 1583?

No, this is an optional field on the form.

Do I have to send this form 1583 each time I receive a package from USPS to your warehouse?


How is the Form 1583 filled out for a corporation?

The USPS Form 1583 must be signed by an officer of the company and a photocopied picture ID for that person must accompany the form.

How can I be assured of fragile Items that I ordered online and shipped through

We are not responsible for any damage caused by the shipping companies. You may insure your package by paying additional insurance charges

How does imaging service work? Is there an additional fee involved?

Yes, there is additional fee involved. It depends on your membership type

Do you check for damages when my merchandise arrives at your warehouse?

We check for external damages to the box. We do not check the content inside

Will my Membership automatically expire?


How do I cancel my account

Click this link to cancel your account Click here 145-69 226 Street, Springfield Gardens, NY-11413. Email: